Supporting customers just got a lot easier

RescueAssist is the choice of IT professionals demanding intuitive, easy-to-use remote support. Our innovative technology allows both on-demand sessions and the ability to connect to unattended machines, directly from a web based console.
You can also provide a frictionless experience for your support agents and customers by integrating RescueAssist into messaging applications like Slack for easy, familiar communication and session initiation.

IT managers:

Manage multiple support agents who assist customers and service computers and servers. Deliver technical assistance to remote staff and customers around the globe and around the clock.

IT consultants:

Instantly solve customers’ technical problems by providing live, on-demand support. Use multi-tenant, custom grouping and centralized administration to control access to unattended machines for multiple organizations. Share access to unattended computers with team members to assist in resolving issues.

70% increase

In customer satisfaction

52% decrease

In support costs