Get your unified communications solution without giving up your GoToMeeting experience. The Connect Bundle integrates GoToMeeting with GoToConnect to give you powerful business phone and messaging capabilities.

Unified Experience

Why should only a few employees get voice and video? Every Connect Bundle license includes GoToMeeting for every user. Completely change the culture of your communications and give everyone the power to be seen — and heard.

Unified Workflow

Use the GoToMeeting widget in GoToConnect’s web, desktop, or mobile app to quickly access GoToMeeting. Manage both applications with one account, viewing invoices or making changes to your subscriptions on the fly.

Unified Pricing and Billing

Get one price for business phone, meetings, messaging, and more with GoToConnect + GoToMeeting all on a single bill. No hidden fees, no surprise costs. No, really. Even better, you get one provider for simpler management and greater accountability.