Bold360 is a complete customer engagement solution delivering rich, personalized interactions, and the fastest time-to-value. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and our patented Natural Language Processing (NLP), Bold360 helps you deliver fundamentally better customer experiences across AI and agent interactions. With groundbreaking intelligence and out-of-the-box simplicity, your business gets value instantly and can improve the customer experience from day one.

How Does It Help Customers?

Gone are the days of form fills, scrolling for answers, and waiting on hold. Customers today want an easier way to engage with companies, and Bold360 makes it easy for your business to support any number of digital engagement channels, including live chat, SMS, email, Facebook messenger, and more.

How Does It Help Agents?

Efficiency is the goal, and Bold360 is built to make your agents more productive. Our intuitive, omnichannel workspace gives a 360-degree view of the customer, bringing data from every business system and engagements from every channel into a straightforward window. With the full history and context of customers’ interactions and an AI-powered Smart Advisor working by their side, agents have the tools they need to quickly and seamlessly handle every customer engagement.

How Does It Help Businesses?

Being a market leader today means no longer competing primarily on features and pricing, but competing to deliver the best customer experience. Delivering these personalized, memorable experiences can be very expensive. Bold360 offers a single solution that can be leveraged across your organization, from marketing, to sales, to care, so you can engage proactively with visitors across the world at any time of the day, expanding your business while improving your overall costs.

Harmony Between Bots and Humans

AI makes it possible to deliver personalized customer engagements at scale, but the best customer outcomes happen when AI and humans work together in harmony. That’s why Bold360 seamlessly transitions between bot and human interactions within the same conversation and window. Even when agents take over, AI continues to help behind the scenes offering relevant content and immediate answers for agents to share. And instant feedback from customers and agents train the AI so it gets better over time.

Multi-Lingual Engagement

Bold360’s conversational chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) go beyond keyword matching and determine the real intent of a customer’s question. Customers can have a natural conversation with a bot that drives the conversation much like a human, retaining context and asking clarifying questions to capture the information needed to resolve an issue. Our AI is the self-service front line for the customer, ready to assist at any time, in a customer’s native language. Live agents can also assist customers in any language via our native integration with GeoFluent by Lionbridge.

Actionable Insights

No other solution makes knowledge management as quick and easy as Bold360. Our Voices Dashboard analyzes customer intents across channels, displaying the voice of the customer in real-time and enabling businesses to immediately resolve friction points in the customer journey. The Supervisor Dashboard gives managers the flexibility to view an overview of trends or dissect data by context, geo-location, and customer profiles. With a complete view of the customer, your company can improve strategic decision-making to deliver experiences that inspire loyalty.